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Rebellion Marketing was created at the end of 2018 by two old school friends, Laura Martin and Jade Scotney.

Having met each other for the very first time in Mrs Leonard’s tutor, aged 11, who would have thought that over 20 years later, they would be running a business together.


So how did Rebellion Marketing come about?


Laura has worked as a marketing professional for the last 9 years and Jade successfully ran her own Apprenticeship and Recruitment  business, before returning in-house in January 2018. Over a drink or two one evening, a throwaway comment was made about going into business together as they had very similar views on how a business should be run.

Although Jade’s background is in recruitment, she has always had a passion for marketing and over the years, in her spare time and through her own business, she has been taking various courses to enhance her knowledge and skillset.

So, the reason for Rebellion Marketing? Both Laura and Jade have experienced pretty crappy service from agencies they have worked with in the past so, they decided to build a marketing agency based on honesty. Far too many agencies see clients as cash cows and bamboozle them into signing up to a whole host of services they don’t really need or want.

Our motto is simple:

Honest. No Bull.

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