Marketing Agencies – How to spot a chancer!

There are so many people and companies out there trying to grab your attention and telling you they’ll solve all of your problems when it comes to lead generation. We’re sorry to break it to you, but they’re talking shite!

Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all, overnight success maker; it takes time, consistency and a little sprinkle of personality, which, some people have and some… well… just don’t. It’s hard graft trying to show your personality online, amiright? 

So, with so many insta-marketeers and chancers out there, how do you know who to trust, who to ignore and whether you should be using an agency at all?  Read on for some guidance on what to look for, or don’t…I mean it’s not like we put effort into this or anything…


A good marketing agency genuinely wants to help companies grow and reach their goals; if you are bombarded with a list of services at the first meeting you are likely talking to a chancer. Marketing is not a “throw shit at the wall and see what sticks” game, professional marketers know what works and follow algorithms, patterns and data to ensure your marketing strategy works for you. 

A true marketing professional will ask you what your goals are and align them with the services that will support you in achieving them. 


How can you judge an agency’s skill? Ask them for proof! It might sound simple but taking someone’s word for it that they are a super star marketer, is a sure-fire way of spending a lot of money, to see no results. Always ask to see their work; someone who has significant marketing experience will have plenty of examples to showcase, even if they are starting out on their own for the first time.


A good marketing company will take the time to understand your business. They will ask lots of questions and immerse themselves into your company and culture. If you meet someone that offers you a service and goes ahead without understanding you, they probably don’t know what they are doing.  Using Facebook as an individual doth not a marketer make!


In most cases, you will be working with an agency for a long time, generally, a minimum of 3 months is needed to see true results from campaigns. With that in mind, cultural fit with the agency or individual is a must, with the agency taking the time to understand your business, your needs and your culture. As we said, marketing is not a one-size-fits-all service and the ability for the agency to be flexible in their approach is vital. Being outspoken and funny would not work for a solicitor’s firm, for example.

But, is it for you anyway?

To find out,  you must be honest with yourself and answer these simple questions:

  • Are you seeing true growth from your current marketing strategy?
  • Are you good at marketing yourself or your business? (note* daily social posting does not mean you are good at marketing!)
  • Do you have the budget to work with an external marketer?

If you answered no to the first two questions, you should think about working with some externally to market your business in the right way. If you answered no to the last question, there is still hope! Not all agencies charge the earth, we will work with SME’s to create strategies that can work for large and small budgets.

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