SocialRebel, Our Social Media Scheduler; What’s New?

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SocialRebel, a social media scheduler that’s a cut above the rest…

Wow, what a start to life our social media scheduler, SocialRebel has had! Hundreds of you have signed up and benefitted from using the platform and all its features in such a short space of time. In addition to being able to schedule content days, weeks and even months in advance, our users also benefit from:


  • A user-friendly, drag and drop graphics editor
  • A personalised content calendar with dates of note highlighted each day
  • Free done-for-you graphics and content
  • Collaborative working spaces
  • Ace reporting for each social media profile


These features alone stand head and shoulders above our competitors in the marketplace, but we’re not stopping there! Over the coming months, we have a wealth of updates coming to the system that will Blow. Your. Mind.


So, what’s in store?


The NEW Social Inbox Feature


The Social Inbox will be an all-in-one conversation management system that allows SocialRebel users to store and manage different types of social media interactions including direct messages, comments, and reviews.

The Inbox will allow users to manage Facebook direct messages AND Facebook comments (both first-level comments and second-level comments). In addition, the inbox functionality will include the ability to manage and respond to, Facebook reviews, Google My Business reviews, Instagram comments, Twitter retweets, and direct messages! Think how efficient you will be when you can manage all of your key interactions in one place!!


And, as if that wasn’t enough, we are also planning to launch additional reporting to include inbox analytics. These reports will highlight the average response time, location performance and Google My Business rating.


Even Further Advanced Reporting


We have already updated our reporting feature to include some really detailed insights into your social media performance but, we have more to come!


The further updates of analytics will be based on two pillars, the page performance regarding social media metrics and also content performance. You’ll never have to play a guessing game when it comes to your social media strategy again!


The biggest update of the reporting is a cross-network report, where SocialRebel users can combine more than one social network allowing you to see the cumulative performance over time and compare each social network within one great report based on audience growth, engagement, impressions, and content performance in the selected period of time.


The SocialRebel platform is being developed solely based on user experience and their feedback. We take the time and listen to what our users have to say and we act on their suggestions – we can’t wait to roll-out our latest updates!


For more information on the platform or on how to improve your social media presence, get in touch with the Rebellion team and join the Rebelution.

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