What the hell is Clubhouse?

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What the hell is Clubhouse – The New Invite-Only Place To ‘Virtually’ Be

What is Clubhouse? The brand new app that’s possibly the next big trend in social media is gaining traction at an incredible rate and is becoming the new place to ‘hang out’. The invite-only app, only available for iOS is being touted as a replacement for Spotify, Zoom and Twitter, reportedly worth over $100m in less than twelve months, so what’s it all about?


Clubhouse is a platform where you can join “Rooms” and form “Clubs” to connect with other like-minded people over a voice chat. You can join open ‘rooms’ on a huge number of different topics and pop in and out whenever it takes your fancy. The beauty of the voice chat is that you don’t have the awkward wave at the end of a Zoom call, you can be sat there in your PJs and last night’s make-up or be folding up your freshly washed undies whilst listening to some of the most influential people sharing their LinkedIn strategies, the latest tech news or health and wellness advice.


The app is invite-only and still in beta-testing mode so you can’t bag a spot just yet but you can download it and reserve your username to get a notification for when you can finally join the elite… What is it about things that are unavailable that makes them so alluring? Well, it’s a classic old retail marketing technique, make your consumers believe that there is a limited quantity of an item and watch your sales shoot up as your fans rush to stock up…


So how could Clubhouse actually become useful in your marketing strategy (when you can finally get in!)?


Well, we took it for a little test drive (yes, we actually got an invite!!) and actually found some great inspiration for some of our clients. Becoming a thought leader and being seen as an expert in your field is a great way to attract clients, so by having a captive ‘room’ full of like-minded listeners absorbing your opinions and enabling you to share your knowledge is likely to help you find ‘your people’. Think of it as a live podcast/TED Talk, but with two-way conversations, enabling debate, collaboration and discussion.


You can schedule your room to begin at a specified time, lead the conversation and allowing others to participate by raising their hand or inviting them to talk. If you’ve been tinkering with the idea of starting up a podcast then this could be a great safe place to dip your toe in the waters and see if talking about your thoughts and ideas in the open comes naturally to you. Perhaps record your Clubhouse sessions and then you’ve got ready-made content if you decide to take the plunge.


Essentially, imagine Clubhouse as Zoom-networking session (if you haven’t had enough of them already!) but having the ability to spread your reach globally and connect with people who you would never come across in your daily life. 2020 was the year that stole our physical connections with our network, no more networking in rooms of 100 people, no trade shows, no impromptu coffee catch-ups with old colleagues. So could Clubhouse be a reinstation of that serendipitous moment when you find someone who is totally on the same wavelength as you?


From the Clubhouse website: “Over the past three months on Clubhouse, people have shared their joy and dismay about Supreme Court decisions, their feelings of anger and helplessness over the murder of George Floyd, and their struggles navigating the challenges of home and work during COVID-19. There have been rooms with people from all walks of life finding common ground. We’ve seen people host book clubs, fireside chats, passionate debates, and comedy shows. When people have fallen asleep late at night, others in the room have “tucked them in”—quietly sending them back to the audience in order to mute their microphone. People seem to be coming back because it’s a place where they can talk for hours at a time and leave each day feeling better rather than worse, because they’ve deepened friendships, built new ones, and learned something new.”


It all sounds like a pretty idyllic community right?


We think it’s still really early days to understand the true power of Clubhouse in terms of making it a worthy time-investment in your marketing strategy, but we’re going to be spending the next few weeks growing our network and having a go at leading a few rooms. We might even create our own rebelutionary club (if they let us!). So we’ll report back and let you know what it’s like to be on the inside soon. And in the meantime, we’ll be selling our one invitation to the app to the highest bidder!!

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